Students as Producers: Students Defining the Culture of the Course

In most courses that students take, they are responsible for learning preformed material and strategies and are subject to predetermined assessment models. They have learned well how to be a student by following directions and are seldom encouraged to become self-determined workers. Because of the dialogical nature of The Pacific Review and Literary Productions courses, students are forced to see the classroom as a workplace. They have to apply for positions of expertise, work in collaborative production teams, and monitor their own work.

Two students from each class (graduates and undergraduates) will discuss their specific contributions to the production process and reflect how this new production model has affected them and their work. Each will each draw from his/her research and class experiences to lay out a single issue for further discussion. Issues are likely to include intergroup communications, differences in print/digital design, self-assessment, being co-taught in this particular class, and interdisciplinary exchange.

Presenter: To Be Determined


Target Audience: Intermediate

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