"Making it Work: Moving from Compressed Video to a Web-Integrated Composition Course"

Thus in the Spring, I will be able to meet with them online as often as I want and meet only occasionally on the Distance Network.

To my surprise, the video technology is more effective than I thought it would be. As I have learned the potential of two-way audio and two-way video, I have learned to adapt it to my own and my students’ needs. I have discovered effective ways of demonstrating peer collaboration as well as ways of demonstrating writing concepts. I have learned how to use the technology of the camera to "show" students at other sites how they can interact with one another at tables in their classrooms by inviting them to "listen in" as the students at my site talk with one another about their writing. I have realized that students can "write without teachers" as long as they understand the processes and procedures that can enhance face-to-face sharing of drafts. I have also been reminded of the power of talk for first generation, second-language students who write more effectively after they have talked about the issue with one another—then reported the results of their discussion by facing the camera. And, an unexpected benefit, I have seen students’ oral communication skills improve overnight as they prepare for their panel presentation or their turn to lead the discussion.

Next semester, I will make online teaching work with the same students. But I will supplement my instruction with video meetings when they seem appropriate (and when students request them). To be sure that my students learn the power of network pedagogy, I will not meet face-to-face with them until after they have adapted to the online environment and have the ability to make choices with some degree of objectivity.

How often will I choose to meet "live" (through interactive television) with my students when we have access to both video and Web? Iswill share the results of both Fall and Spring semesters’ experiments in my presentation, which will be supplemented by video segments from my Fall class and examples of Web-based interactions with the same students in the Spring class.

Presenter: Dawn Rodrigues

Category: Classroom practice

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