"My Uplifting Download: Experiences of a Workshop Participant"

As a member of the Summer Institute for Teaching with Technology, my experiences were, in many ways, representative of the larger group's. Coming into the workshop with limited computer skills and background, I experienced a range of emotions, realizations, and sometimes frustrations. From a newfound appreciation for the Daedalus program, to confusion concerning the use of MOOs, to a nagging skepticism in regard to Internet-based research, I was able to gather, in two intense weeks, some pedagogical tools that are now being tested in my freshman composition courses.

Coupled with these reactions has been an increased curiousity about the limits of technology in the classroom. Ultimately, the Institute has had a dramatic effect on my approaches to teaching these courses. Most have been positive, though some have been at best not as successful.

In my presentation, I will discuss my response to the array of technologies we learned and explain my choices:swhat I have chosen to adopt, amend, or ignore as I map out my own approach to teaching with technology. However, as one of eight participants, I will also represent my colleagues in attemping to convey some sense of the strong support we created for one another as we faced the challenges in such an intense workshop. Finally, I'll conclude by explaining how I and the other participants will implement the long-term goal of the project: building a faculty fully aware of and comfortable with the rich potential inherent in technology-based teaching



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