"From Techno-Pedagogy to Reality: Working Out the Logistics of the Institute"

After deciding upon the pedagogical and technological contents of the Teaching for the 21st Century Workshop, we began the process of deciding on logistics:sHow many days of instruction would we need? What facilities would we employ? What kinds of assignments would we ask the participants to complete outside of instruction hours? What products would we ask them to develop?

Perhaps even deeper concerns than spatial-, time-, and project-oriented issues were emotional and mental issues for the participants. Since almost all of them were quite new to the technologies we'd be introducing, and since we would little time for them to digest the information, instruction, and practice, we faced several logistical challenges: - Structuring the days in order to ensure their success asslearners - Estimating the amount of time necessary outside of the computerslab in informal discussion to facilitate the necessary reflection on the teaching tools we were learning - Consistently listening to the needs of the participants to makessure we weren't covering too much too fast, or too little too slow.

During my presentation, I will explain the complete schedule of our two-week workshop, discuss the decisions we made as we distributed the five days of instructions throughout two calendar weeks, describe the hour-long reflection sessions that began and ended each day, show the projects we assigned the participants, and suggest revisions to our schedule for future workshops.

Presenter: Joel A. English


Target Audience: Not Applicable

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