"Taking Those First Steps"

This panelist will introduce the faculty development project, Ball State University's "Teaching Writing for the 21st Century: The Writing Program Summer Institute for Teaching with Technology," providing the background (both institutional and programmatic) for the design of the project. Presenter #1 will also examine the rationale for each step in the development of the Institute, and an overview of the progression of the project, analyzing what happened during the pilot and how we are implementing the follow-up.

This project focused on the changes possible in teaching and learning in the writing classroom when teachers are provided with a grounding in the practical impact and theoretical implications of teaching with technology. Our primary interest was in conveying the importance of using the technology to support excellent, theoretically sound teaching. And our Institute emphasized collaborative knowledge-building, and demonstrated ways to begin achieving a faculty-wide transition to the effective use of computer technology in teaching and learning without a huge investment of cash.

For these reasons, we believe our approach could serve as a potential model for other, similarly-situated institutions.

Presenter: Carole Clark Papper


Target Audience: Not Applicable

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