Programmatic Efforts to Include all Stakeholders in Critical approaches to Technology use.

The technical practices of programs and departments are actually quite diverse. They are layered within the department’s technology-related policies: those that deal with levels of access to equipment, those that define the responsibilities of support staff, those that encourage or discourage relationships with IT (Information Technology or central computing) departments, those that provide a space for innovative technology-rich instruction in appropriate facilities, those that determine the financial support for technology, etc. Each technical practice provides an opportunity for important stakeholders to become intimately involved in the “underdetermined” nature (Andrew Feenberg) of technology design. D. Selfe will illustrate how involving important stakeholders in department-wide technical policy making can lead to a much more robust understanding of the limits and potential that communication technologies have in instruction, administration,sand professional activities.

Presenter: Dickie Selfe


Target Audience: Not Applicable

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