Now you're enthused and ready to jump into this new technology. What do you do about technical questions? Anytime you begin to integrate technology into the classroom, you have to gain some level of expertise in its use. You will become the first line of support on user issues in your classroom. All questions about the Connect.Net software and problems that students have with both the program and with their use at home are directed to you. What's the best way to handle your new role as technologist? What are the most important things you'll have to know? With Connect.Net, some of the most pressing questions are hardware-related. Students will want to know what the system requirements are. Their home computers may be different from yours and you'll need to have some idea how to answer their questions about how to get connected. Suppose you don't have the knowledge to answer all these questions. Where do you go for help? Maintaining a good relationship with the support staff at your institution is critical, but it's likely they will not know the software any better than you. These questions and others will be addressed as we explore how best to prepare yourself for the problems that may arise and how best to acclimate yourself to your new position as a teacher and a technologist.


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