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This e-mail message, copied from the wcenter archives, was posted by Jennifer McCann on October 12, 1998.

On a lighter note, I'm wondering if anyone has any decorating ideas for writing centers? This is my first year in our center, and I'm trying to liven it up a bit. After the last director took down her kitty posters, the walls are now a sterile white. I've looked in several catalogs, but most of the posters are too kiddish. I'm torn between trying to create an academic, inspirational atmostphere (utilizing those motivational posters that I'm actually not too fond of) or a fun, upbeat center with lots of color and an eclectic mix of posters. I know this may seem like sort of a lame concern to many, but, to me, it's all part of creating a comfortable atmosphere. Anybody have any ideas? What sort of stuff is hanging on your walls? Thanks.

Jennifer McCann
Writing Specialist/TRIO

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