Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award Announced

To acknowledge and support the growth and acceptance of scholarship, research, and teaching in our field, we are pleased to announce the inaguration of the Computers & Composition Distinguished Book Award. The Award will honor book-length works that contribute in substantial and innovative ways to the field of computers and composition.

In recognition of the changing nature of publications in computers and composition research, theory, and practice, the C&C Distinguished Book Award is open to not only printed and bound books but also large hypertexts, multimedia programs, and websites. The C&C Distinguished Book Award complements existing awards for best article (the Ellen Nold Award) and best dissertation (the Hugh Burns Award).

Computers and Composition will honor the winner during an awards presentation held during the 1999 Computers and Writing Conference. Winners will receive both a plaque and a modest cash award.


In order to nominate a work, the nominator must write a letter outlining the ways that the work contributes to scholarship, research, and teaching in computers and composition. Potential categories of emphasis include:

The nominator must send this letter and three copies of the nominated work (for websites, only a nomination letter including the URL is necessary) to:

Johndan Johnson-Eilola
C&C Distinguished Book Award
Department of English
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1356

Deadline: March 15, 1999

If you have questions, please email Johndan at or call (765) 494-3772.