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An Invitation to CW99

A Note from our Host

The deadline for proposals has passed, but I would like to extend my invitation to you, and to ask you to spread the word about the Computers and Writing conference to everyone you know who might benefit from this, the major conference for computer and Internet-using writing teachers in the US and around the world.

Where?   South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, South Dakota.

When?   May 27-30, 1999.

Note that this is Memorial Day weekend. Make your reservations early, stay awhile, and have a vacation in the Black Hills!
What's it about this year? Tradition and Technology, as explained below.

The 15th Computers and Writing Conference will be held only a few miles from Mt. Rushmore and the emerging Crazy Horse Memorial, the stone faces of American heroes etched deep into the granite of Paha Sapa, and the Black Hills. As we are situated where huge stone faces personify the meeting of traditions, it is only appropriate that we consider the notion of traditions in the way they may be carried on or complemented by computer and Internet-based writing technologies. The word "tradition" in this context should be construed broadly to include not only traditional wisdom and culture, but also the traditions of writing and communication, and the ways these traditions change and grow with and through technology.

We received over 120 excellent proposals from over 300 colleagues in our field. We hope to involve everyone we can, and hope that you, too, will consider joining us for presentations, workshops, conversations, sharing, and conviviality.

Registration forms won't be available until February, but please see out website at http://cw99.sdsmt.edu for more information about the conference, travel, and planning a vacation in the Black Hills. You can also join the CW99 listserv discussion group and find out about the Computers and Writing 99 Online Conference from this site.

We've planned some exciting speakers and activities, so please consider joining us next Memorial Day weekend!

Your host,

Michael Day

Michael Day is an Associate Professor of English at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, as well as host of Computers and Writing 1999 and a member of the Kairos editorial board.