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Examples of Online Courses, Online Universities, and Online Course Material

A Range of Online English Courses in Context 
  • The University of Minnesota, Morris
    • English 101 College Writing (Ty Buckman) 

      Students construct a web page with an online portfolio to store their course assignments. Narrative, expositiory and argumentative essays, each based on a non-fiction book such as Survival in Auschwitz.

  • Dallas TeleCollege-- The Distance Learning Program of the Dallas Community Colleges
    • Courses include interactivity. Most include forum and e-mail requirements; some include videotapes and study guides; others make uses of such features as real-audio plugins and streaming video. 

      English 1301: A Writer's Exchange (Rebekah Rios Harris)

  • Virtual College--Lansing Community College
    • They recommend that students find an ISP to provide them with computer access. Students can also use computer labs on campus. 
  • Writing 127, Business Communications Overview 
    • The instructor stresses that students will need to "participate in both "live" (synchronous) and "time-delayed" (asynchronous, e.g. e-mail) discussion as part of your grade."

  • Salt Lake Community College
  • University of Missouri
  • Other Disciplines  The Global Executive MBA Program Duke University 

    Features include: live teleconferencing; closed and open discussion forums; and electronic mail (E-Mail) through which students send their assignments to their tutors for marking, and receive them back with any relevant comments.

    Brokers for Distance Education  Mind Extension University 
    • Access this sample course . Note: Other than this sample courses, a prospective student has little idea of what to expect in a given courses.

    The Open University 

    • Typically, coursepacks include videotapes, books, and study guides. All students are assigned a tutor. Recently, courses have begun to include CD-ROM or Internet delivery. Here is some some background information about The Open University in Great Britain.

    The Open University--Florida State University 

    • Florida State University signed an agreement with the Open University to "adapt as appropriate selected courses for Florida students to incorporate the new types of interactive distance learning options that existing and emerging information technologies make possible." They are doing this along with other institutions in Florida, including business and industry.

    Online Education  

    • Based in Hong Kong, this company is used by three universities. A feature of the courses is that "students are assigned Tutors, who are local, highly qualified professionals, each of whom is assigned no more than 20 students and is available throughout the period of study. Information can be passed between Tutor and student by computer. The Tutor is available for discussion of the coursework to ensure a complete understanding Assignments are passed in the same way: no delays or losses." Each student's progress is monitored. 

    Western Governor's University 

    • Read this description of Western Governor's University and its approach to Distance Education: Site of the Month
    State Systems Colorado Electronic Community College 
    • Each college in this consortium appears to develop its own material. Here is a general statement about the approach they take: Coursework is delivered by a variety of technologies including print, video tape, audio tape, cable broadcast, Internet and CD-ROM. Communication such as presentations, discussions and study groups with classmates and faculty occurs through a centralized voice-mail system. In addition CECC faculty have real-time office hours over the phone (at no cost to the student) or over e-mail. All course materials are mailed to the student ahead of time, including all audio and video tapes. 

    The University of Texas Telecampus

    This new campus uses courseware from University Online (UOL). Faculty at component institutions create courses.  Students register through a central site, but the individual institutions process the registration and get credit for enrollment.

    Companies Developing Internet Course Materials Academic Systems 
    Resources from Online Campuses

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