A Journal
for Teachers of Writing
in Webbed Environments

Issue 3.2 now available at  http://english.ttu.edu/kairos

A Selected Proceedings of the
1998 Computers & Writing Conference


Computers and Writing: Town Hall Meetings 1998

During the two face-to-face Town Hall Meetings within the 1998 Computers and Writing Conference and the Virtual Town Hall of C&W98 Online, "the invited participants delivered position statements, the moderators responded, members of the community present responded, the participants responded -- one after another, each building on and linked to previous comments and ideas. . . [t]he end result of these collected comments is a multi-layered, multi-vocal sense of participation in these Town Hall Meetings."  Contributors: Dene Grigar, Rebecca Rickly, and John Barber.


Daniel Anderson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Not a Cosmic Convergence: Rhetoric, Poetics, Performance, and the Web
Myka Vielstimmig
Models of Distance Education for Composition: The Role of Video Conferencing
Dawn Rodrigues, University of Texas at Brownsville
Structuring Destructions: (the) Will to Order the Computer Classroom
Byron Hawk, University of Texas at Arlington


  • Workshops at Work: Materials from Computers and Writing Sessions
  • A Look at Personal Journals Online 
    Lisa Mongno
  • Conference Wrapups
    Learning Online...Rhetoric and Technology...Internet World
  • Conversations: Excerpted E-list Dialogues
  • Calls for Participation
  • News Reports
  • Projects in Progress


  • Searching for a Web Resource Guide
    Michael D. Berndt
  • Print and Its Discontents: A Review of Alan Purves's The Web of Text and the Web of God
    Myron Tuman
  • A review of The Bedford Handbook, 5th edition.
    Chitralekha De Duttagupta


  • Meet the Authors: MOO Discussions with the Classroom Spotlight 
  • Classroom Spotlights: Carl Whithaus and Robert Kendall
  • BackTalk: Respond to the CW 98 Presentations

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