Re: Yankee Stadium

Will Hochman

In re-reading the MOO, I decided to "flesh out" or at least explain my comment about feeling like I was in Yankee Stadium. I meant it with all of Lou Gehrig's humility and pride that the Yanks are clearly the best team in baseball, and I meant it in terms of the growth in feeling I've experienced since learning about hypertext in the mid-eighties. From being able to perform hypertext and publish it, to feeling the extended sense of audience in the moo, I've been grateful to all of my collaborators for helping me experience hypertext in my teaching life powerfully and with a sense of community not at all like the roar of a Yankee crowd welcoming its players...I've played my share of games in the sandlots of computers and writing too long not to just glow with appreciation for where we are now...yes, as always, most is ahead, but damn, this moment is worth tipping hats to all who make our work known and usable.

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