Two Questions about the Piece

Mike Palmquist

This was one of the KMTAs in which Mick Doherty participated and had questions for the authors. I tried to be complete in my responses -- a real challenge when the conversation is moving on without you. That might have been a mistake, but since I typed quickly I think I did an adequate job of keeping up.

One of the more intriguing questions from Mick was, "Authors, were there describable, recognizable "Power issues" in your text creation?" It was< certainly the case, with as many authors as we had, that there were some issues of power. I was doing much of the coding and, as a result, was putting my own stamp on the overall structure of the document. In turn, it was Will and Beth's idea and I felt like I was just along for the ride when it came to the original conceptualization. It was intriguing to see how people responded to Mick's question.

Another question dealt with re-visioning the history of the piece. As a combination document involving the conference pieces, commentary on those pieces, and re-representation/re-organization of everything into a new hypertext document, we had the chance to view some parts of the site as historical artifacts. At the same time, we got to revise our thinking about them as we moved through creating the Kairos piece.

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