The Project

The Cyberspace Writing Center Consultation Project was conceived in an on-line discussion we had one evening in the Spring of 1994 after one of the Netoric Project's Tuesday Cafes on MediaMOO. The two of us had been exploring the possibilities of using the Internet to teach. Both of us had become prolific users of e-mail, and we discussed how a combination of asynchronous communication could be used with the synchronous communication of a MOOspace (a MOO is a Multi User Domain [MUD] Object-Oriented) to benefit our students. The idea of having Jordan-Henley's community college students e-mail their essays to Maid's graduate students, who would then comment on the drafts and arrange a MOO meeting for further discussion, was brainstormed collaboratively on MediaMOO. Our rationale was that the community college students would be served by receiving a writing consultation. The graduate students would be served by their exposure to community college students and additional teaching experience. And all students would be exposed to online learning and teaching, supplementing the traditional classroom experience with active, hands-on learning. The emerging technologies provided us with both the impetus and the place to create the project. All we needed was to go through a detailed, intensive period of planning and then implement our idea.

Introduction What We've Learned