Excerpted E-list Dialogues

In the spirit of "interactive publication" and acknowledging the scholarship that occurs in everyday electronic media, Kairos presents highlights of conversations on e-lists relevant to our readership.

"Why Real Time?"

from ACW-L, the discussion list for the Alliance for Computers and Writing
Tim Giles begins the thread with an inquiry about why English departments should consider real time applications for their work.
C.J. Jeney responds with a list of reasons and a short bibliography.
Joel English follows up by relating one item on Jeney's list to a specific classroom experience and by extending the list.
Becky Rickly adds five more items to the list.
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    from WCENTER, a discussion for administrators of University Writing Centers
    Carl Glover begins the thread by explaining that he feels "kairos" (the term, not the journal!) is an important concept as it relates to writing center tutoring.
    Stephen Newmann replies and wonders where and how kairos is "learned."
    Carl Glover, in response to Newman.
    Sharon Wright extends the discussion, using her experiences to identify one hindrance to tutors' learning kairos.
    Neal Lerner moves the thread to a larger issue: that of who decides what good writing is, or what students should be doing with their writing.
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