"Why Real Time?"

This e-mail message, copied from the acw-l archives, was posted by Tim Giles on January 7, 1998:

My department is considering upgrading our computer network so that it can
handle real time applications. I am in favor of doing this, but there is
resistance, perhaps because our new department recently broke away from a
very traditional English department that didn't use our computer labs for
much more than word processing. I can see how real time would be helpful in
a computerized classroom, especially with distance learning, but I'd
appreciate suggestions from people who are using this type of technology.
What are some advantages for classroom applications? What type of
documentation supports real time applications? The classes taught in these
labs vary from Learning Support English (AKA Developmental Studies),
first-year composition, business writing, and technical writing. In
addition, we're working on a new writing major. We're not at the point where
we would consider holding classes entirely in this format but as a
supplement to the traditional classroom. We currently have five labs
operating on a Windows 95 platform.


Tim Giles