Kairos 3.2 to Feature "Best of C&W"

Kairos is pleased to announce that its forthcoming Fall 1998 issue (3.2) will be an edited Proceedings of the 14th annual Computers & Writing Conference in Gainesville this summer. All presenters at the conference will be invited to publish annotated, linked abstracts of their presentations, and to submit fully webbed presentations of their work for editorial review and possible publication in a "Best of C&W" overview.

Kairos 3.2 will be guest edited by News Editor James Inman of the University of Michigan, who will lead an editorial team which includes Barry Maid of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Lisa Gerrard of the University of California at Los Angeles, and Donna Sewell of Valdosta State University.

An extended call for webtexts will be available at the conference, and electronically distributed via appropriate electronic lists following the conference's conclusion on May 31.

For further information, contact Inman at jinman@umich.edu.