All scholarship involves a web of people and institutions. For their contributions to this scholarly website, I gratefully acknowledge the following:

Richard A. Baker and Matthew Cook, in the Historian's Office, United States Senate, as well as Gregory Harness in the Senate Library, for generous assistance in locating and obtaining materials.

The Haudenosaunee (Ononadaga Nation); the New York State Museum; the Archives and Manuscripts Division of the Oklahoma Historical Society; the Trustees of the Science Museum of London; and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, for permission to publish photographs.*

Silvio Bedini, for photographs in his Jefferson collection and permission to publish them; Rennard Strickland, for an image from his Cherokee collection and permission to publish it; and William Mohr for his Pitman shorthand transcripts and permission to publish them.

Kristen Willhelm and Rodney Ross in the Legislative Records Section of the National Archives and Records Office; Debra Cheney at the Pennsylvania State University Library; Lisa Anderson at the New York State Museum; Mindy Black at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation; and Chester Cowen at the Oklahoma Historical Society, for friendly provision of materials and permissions.

John Smith of the University of North Carolina, for ongoing technical assistance, review of design and development, and encouragement. George Rhinehart, David Bills, and Taresa Downey of Syracuse University for just-in-time technical assistance, and Wendy Bousfield of Bird Library at Syracuse University, for thoughtful reader-response to an early draft. Similarly, reviewers Dickie Selfe and Todd Taylor, along with editors Greg Siering, Sandye Thompson, and Mick Doherty, of the electronic journal Kairos.

The College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University, for research leaves of absence from teaching and faculty research funds for permissions fees. Carl Nash and Kris Kuhn, for a door in Washington always open, for hospitality always warm, and for conversation about government always thought-provoking.