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Conference MOO Log

Student-Teacher Conferences

During the week before project 4 was due, each student scheduled a time to meet with me on the MOO for a writing conference. I collected each student's draft during the class period before we met online, and the students logged onto the MOO from their dorm room, computer lab, or home computers at the appropriate times. I delivered the logs to students the class periods following our sessions. Before they finished revising the papers, they re-read and annotated the MOO logs.

I was able to schedule all of the twenty-four students for conferences over five days. Since the conferences averaged an hour and a half apiece (over twice as long as my face-to-face conferences), it made for a busy week. Luckily, I was meeting with only one class; had I been meeting with more than one class, I probably would have met with different classes during separate weeks or during different times of the semester.

MOO-based Metacognition: Incorporating Online and Offline Reflection into the Writing Process
Joel A. English