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Post-Revision Questions for Reflection

After students have finished revisions of their papers (and well after they have taken part in MOO-based activities and have annotated the logs), I ask them to respond to a number of question prompts in reflection on the online activities within the process or writing. I stress the importance of being completely honest about the activities, since they are reflecting on what helped and what did not help them in their writing process.

The following is an example of these question prompts. I handed these questions out to the students the day project 3 was turned in, and they wrote their responses within the following two days.

Questions for Reflection after Paper 3

Think back on the online activities you took part in during the production of this project and the corresponding face-to-face activities we conducted during other projects. Reflect in writing about the issues in the following questions. Please answer honestly and completely.

  • During the production of this paper, we conducted our Oreo Day conferences on the MOO. How effective was this conference for you compared to the normal face-to-face peer conferences? Were you able to get more, less, or as much work done on each of your papers online? Discuss in detail your online peer conference.

    Later, you read back through the log of the conference and wrote in the margins some reflections on the conference. How helpful was the log? Did it help you remember issues in your writing? Did it help you reflect back on your learning? Or was it not beneficial to you?

  • We also conducted tutorials on the MOO with tutors. How effective was your cybertutorial compared to the face-to-face tutorial in the Writing Center during project 2? Did you enjoy this tutorial more or less? Did you communicate any better or worse with your tutor this time? Describe your cybertutorial.

    When you read back through the log of the cybertutorial and reflected in the margins, did you find this to be a helpful activity? Did it help you remember what you and the tutor discussed and help you learn more about your writing? Or was it not helpful?

MOO-based Metacognition: Incorporating Online and Offline Reflection into the Writing Process
Joel A. English