Student Paper Postings

Search engines may also take you to papers written by students and posted to their own or course webpages.   Anders Bylund, for instance, in an earlier version of his current page, cautioned that some of his essays were "getting rather old, but what's the harm in recycling?"  Kevin Rogers offers a cut-and-paste pastiche of newspaper articles on the Aum Shinri Kyo cult that could make a high school student blush.  Harvard's Dorian, on the other hand, obviously a prolific writer, has written and posted 21 papers to Dorian's Paper Archive.  His history papers specialize in recent Asian history and economics. His Teenage Diary is the text of a radio program he produced and wrote.

For Romeo and Juliet, the enterprising student need go no farther than Erin Carlson's Absolutely Free Online Essays. The essay word count for one such piece is 915.  The student seeking a contrast/comparison to West Side Story will find several available, including one written by a student at Onalaska Middle and High Schools.

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