External Links

The following links are in the review, but lead to sites outside of Kairos's corner of cyberspace. We list brief descriptions and the URLs that were active at the time of the review here to assist you in case the URL has since changed.

Utah State University Press

The online presence for the Utah State University Press, this website offers users the Press's current catalog and selections from featured books, along with ordering information and manuscript submission guidelines. URL: http://www.usu.edu/~usupress/

Susan Halter

The homepage of the response writer, with a variety of resources for her students as well as colleagues. It reflects her current involvement in computer mediated communication. URL: http://www.dcc.edu/~shalte

Fred McFarland

The site where current and archived issues of Connect News, a newsletter written for Connect users, can be found, as well as a way to reach its most patient and helpful editor, Fred McFarland. URL: http:www.wwnorton.com/connect/ConnectNews/cn.htm

W W Norton Publishers

The front door to the publisher's website, which offers information on textbooks and other publications available, as well as a "What's New" section and information on the company itself. URL: http://www.wwnorton.com

Myron Tuman

Contact information for Tuman, as well as a link to his bio. URL: http://www.as.us.edu/ecl/mtuman.htm

Norton Textra Connect

Part of the WW Norton site, this page offers links to resources for Connect users, as well as information on the different versions available, ISBN numbers, and pricing. URL: http://www.wwnorton.com/connect.htm

Richard A. Lanham

This is the site for The Electronic Word, one of UCLA English professor Richard Lanham's many books. A brief description of the book is followed by Chapter 4, in which the idea of transparency and looking through a text is discussed. There is also a list of some of his other works and a form to use to order the book. URL: http://cal.bemidji.msus.edu/English/Resources/lanham.html

National Writing Project

All the information you need on the National Writing Project, including its philosophy, a directory of participating sites, special projects, teacher research online, and a sampling of pieces from its several publications. URL: http://www-gse.berkeley.edu/Research/NWP/nwp.html

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