Another element of post modern writing is the rejection of the grand narrative . This leaves the author to play with the language, to create ways of constructing events within their writing. The theory that post modernists have created a new grand narrative is used to describe this revolutionary writing style. These writers have rejected the grand narrative, however they have come up with other ways of piecing together their writing. They have essentially created their own narrative style, rather many different narrative styles. Johanna Drucker, Kathy Acker and Itlao Calvino are three such authors. They have all rejected the grand narrative and have taken the initiative to impose their own creative styles in piecing together their writing.  Most post modern authors do not profess to have come up with a new format for writing, as one literary critic put it, "post modernists do have less functional fixity regarding the unilateral value and importance of their own views. They honestly can concider the possibility that they are full of shit in a given matter, however unlikely it may seem to them." Though the post modernist rejection of the regimented classic literary format is criticized, they do not profess to be replacing it. It simply allows these authors to explore those areas that can't be explained using some grand narrative.