Yet another trait of the post modernist is the obsession with text . Post modernists are enthralled by the power of language, and by what they can create with the written word. This does not mean creating a concrete plot using intriguing language. This means using the text iself as an artistc medium. The page is the post modernist's canvas, and the text brush.Johanna Drucker's novel Dark Decade is a perfect example of this. The words on each page do not necessarly fit together to form a coherent plot, but they portrey the beauty of language itself. Drucker does this by intertwining the words in her text, making each page a work of art. This obsession with text also forms the basis for Drucker's narrative style. She is interested in creating an image of language, hence the need for the traditional narrative is lost.

Italo Calvino's, If On A Winter's Night A Traveler reflects his intrest in text. Calvino's novel portrayed his hypertextual tendencies, meaning he layed out the text in such a way that it was not possible for the reader to follow only one story at a time. There were several stories going on at all times within the narrative. Calvino imposed his creativity on the written word. He experimented with the text, straying from the standard format most novels contain.