In my research I have come across many different defintions of the word postmodernism. James Davison Hunter (of the esteemed University of Virginia English department) says that because of postmodern thinking, "the very idea of truth is reduced to perspective, justice becomes a matter of who has the power, and the promise of science and technology to liberate human beings delivers new forms of oppression." Postmodernism, it seems, has become more than the defintion I gave at the beginning of the paper. It had grown to encompass almost all aspects of human existence, as James P. Tarcher says in his book The Truth About The Truth:
"The terms of postmodernism are much more than a trendy system of thought or an academic dialogue. Rather, they offer practical tools for coming to terms with a world composed of vast amounts of unsettling information, daily interactions with unfamiliar cultures and beliefs, and a continuous and overwhelming set of choices."