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Contemporary Narratives: How Hypertext Changes Our Writing

What Comes Next?

Virtual Reality, Cyberspace, and the Web

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r e a d i n g s
Matt Kirschenbaum, "Once Upon a Time in ENWR: The World-Wide Web as a Publication Medium for Student Essays". Teaching Concerns, Fall 1996.

Doug Brent, "Rhetorics of the Web". Kairos 2.1 Spring 1997. [To start reading, follow this link to the title page and then click the icon labelled "enter the active version of this hypertext" at the bottom of the title page].

Daniel Anderson, "Not Maimed But Malted". Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature 1.1 .

See also the links under "Readings in Electronic Media and Related Topics" on the course selected URLs page.

o t h e r p r o j e c t s
Randy Bass's English 511: A Bigger Place to Play: Text, Knoweldge, and Pedagogy in the Electronic Age. Georgetown, Spring 1996.

Mafalda Stasi and Tonya Browning's E309K: Writing About Cyberpunk. UT Austin, Spring 1996 and Fall 1995.

John Unsworth's ENSP482: Theory and Practice of Hypertext. Virginia, Spring 1996.

Greg Ulmer's Tableaux. Florida, Fall 1995.

John Unsworth's ENSP 982: Discourse Networks. Virginia, Fall 1995.

Catherine Taylor's English 169: Democracy, Technology, and Authorship. Duke, Spring 1995.

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