Mary Hocks, Spelman College, Atlanta, "Writing Multimedia: Composition, Design, and Collaboration in Multimedia Class Projects"

Daniele Bascelli, Spelman College, Atlanta, "Preparing Teachers for the Writing-Intensive Multimedia Course"

Hocks and Bascelli described Spelman University's Mellon Multimedia Courses Program, associated with Spelman's Comprehensive Writing Program and funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation. The Program trains teachers to use multimedia elements in their classes. Each year, five faculty are chosen to participate in a series of intensive workshops designed to make the teacher familiar and comfortable with the various aspect of multimedia. The focus is not on computers alone; video, sound, and other multimedia elements are also included. In addition, the program covers courses across the university, not just in writing.

The program provides and interesting counterpoint to the Epiphany Project's large reach. Where Epiphany seeks to aid large number of faculty wishing to take advantage of technology in their teaching, the Mellon Program has a much narrower, but more intensive focus.

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