A Report From Webpub-L: A Listserv for Authors and Publishers or How
By Jeffrey Galin, California State University, San Bernadino

Abstract available: http://www.missouri.edu/~cccc/97/texts/93386.html

Building on his CCCC96 presentation, " Shifting Boundaries of Intellectual Property: Negotiating Book Contracts to Include WWW Publication," which outlined some of the conflicts between the goals of academic authors who wish to provide webpages related to their texts and publishers who see this kind of thing as a loss of revenue, Galin discussed the year-long effort on WebRights-l list to provide a better understanding of the issues involved between both academic authors and publishers.

What was most surprising was the degree to which publishers are uninformed about the WWW, a state of affairs not dissimiliar to the relationship between faculty involved in computers and writing and administration. Galin describes this as an opportunity, saying that it gives authors a chance to shape the direction taken by publishing houses.

The following information about contacting WebRights-l was provided by Jeffrey Galin.
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