The Epiphany Project: Structures and Strategies for Pedagogical Change in the Age of Electronic Text

Chair: Michael Keller, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Dona J. Hickey, University of Richmond, "Responsibilities for Pedagogical Change: Getting Support from Them and Giving Support to Each Other"

Joe Essid, University of Richmond "Don't be a Lone Eagle: Getting in Touch with Local & National Initiatives"

Peter Sands, University of Maine, Presque Isle, "Epiphany=WAC+Technology"

Judy Williamson, American University, "Epiphany: Where we are Today"

Elizabeth J. Cooper, Virginia Commonwealth University
Andrew Higgins, American University
Claudine Keenan, Pennsylvania State University Allentown, Fogelsville
Donna Reiss, Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach

The Epiphany Project, supported by the Annenberg/CPB Project, seeks to answer the question: What do teachers need to help them take advantage of pedagogical opportunities offered by emerging technologies. Toward that end, Epiphany offers a wide range of resources, including their Webpage, an Online Field Guide, and most important, a community of teachers committed to making the most of those pedagogical opportunities.

This panel discussed discoveries made by participants in the Project over the past year and a half. Judy Williamson outlined some of the resources the Project is developing. In addition to those mentioned above, Epiphany is also devloping a series of 1 day, 3 day, and one week workshops, and a video. Peter Sands explained how may of the obstacles faced by the computers & writing movement are the same as those encoutered by the WAC movement. And Dona Hickey and Joe Essid discussed ways that administrators and faculty can work together to make pedagogical change more effective.