Spiderwoman Summit Responds to Gates

Object to "Trickle-Down Technology"

(LOS ANGELES)—Spiderwoman, a non-partisan, online international community of women web designers, announced on Mother's Day the formation of a "Women's Summit" in response to Bill Gates's "Mostly Male" CEO Summit (where one out of 103 persons attending the event was a woman).

"This summit will be an opportunity for women technology leaders to get together and discuss their vision for the future of technology," says Stephanie Brail, founder of Spiderwoman and creator of Amazon City: The first city for women on the Internet. "We don't subscribe to Bill Gates's 'trickle down technology'—In this most crucial time in history, we believe women can't afford to be silent. If we want to be included in the computer revolution, we need to make sure our voices are heard."

The Women's Summit will be a one-day "brainstorming" conference inviting top women leaders and technology visionaries to the table. [As of the release of this press item, an exact location and time had not been announced yet—Ed.] In addition, organizers plan on having online events leading up to the day of the summit.

A grass-roots Internet mailing list called SpiderwomanSummit has been created to discuss summit day plans. Since the list's inception on Monday, May 12, hundreds of women from all over the world have joined. Organizers are currently working on creating a non-partisan coalition of women's organizations to participate in the event from their own communities.

Founded in 1995, Spiderwoman is a non-partisan online community for women web designers sponsored by Amazon City: The first city for women on the Internet. Spiderwoman boasts an active mailing list of approximately 200 members as well as an online web conferencing system. More information on Spiderwoman and the SpiderwomanSummit mailing list is at http://www.amazoncity.com/spiderwoman.


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