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Kairos  Revamps Staff, Board for 1997-98 Academic Year

For Immediate Release
[originally issued August 15, 1997]
DALLAS, TX -- The editorial team of Kairos: A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments is pleased to announce the addition of twelve new members, who will join the Kairos staff and board beginning immediately for the production cycle of issue 2.2 (Fall 1997).

Kairos is a hypertext journal exploring pedagogical and scholarly uses of hypertext, written in hypertextual format(s). It is designed to serve as a resource for teachers, researchers, and tutors of writing, including: Technical Writing, Business Writing, Professional Communication, Creative Writing, Composition, Literature, and a broad base of Humanities curricula. Kairos is sponsored by the Alliance for Computers and Writing and hosted by the English Server at Texas Tech University.

The most significant change for Kairos involves Michael J. Salvo's move from the position of Managing Editor to a position on the Editorial Board. Salvo has been Managing Editor for Kairos since Day One of the journal's inception, and has become synonymous with the Kairos project at conferences and in online environments. Salvo is pursuing other projects toward completing his doctoral work at Texas Tech University, but will stay involved with Kairos in an advisory role.

Moving into the position of Managing Editor is Claudine Keenan of Penn State University at Allentown. Keenan has spent the last year as Sections Editor forKairos, responsible for the News, Reviews, and Response sections of the journal. According to Kairos Links Editor Greg Siering, "Since Claudine took over the Sections Editor position, the scope of that job has grown immensely, with even larger prospects for the future. And while she's been doing an incredible job, as I told (Kairos Editor Mick Doherty) on the phone, I don't want us to be responsible for Claudine's brain exploding. So I feel that giving [her] more managerial responsibilities and hiring her some help for some of the sections that have been growing each issue will be a good step for us."

To provide that help,Kairos has created three new positions for the editorial staff: Reviews Editor, Response Editor, and News Editor. Filling the first two positions will be Nick Carbone of Marlboro College and Jennifer Bowie of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; the News Editor position will be filled in time for publication of the next issue of Kairos -- there is a job description and application information available from the current editorial staff.

Carbone, a two-year member of the Kairos Editorial Board, is completing doctoral work at the University of Massachusetts. He has been a frequent contributor to Kairos over the last two years, publishing in the News, Reviews, and LoggingOn sections. He will be responsible for determining what books, software, websites, and other resources should be reviewed, assigning those reviews to particular authors, and recruiting and working with coordinators of special Kairos sections such "The E-List" and "PaperText."

Bowie has just completed her bachelor's degree in Communication at Rensselaer, where she will begin the graduate program in Rhetoric and Technical Communication in the Fall. Her hypertext fiction web "A Drink with Morte" won the McKinney Award for best undergraduate electronic fiction writing, and she has led several MOO workshops on gender-fair language in professional writing situations. Bowie will be responsible for revamping "KairosInteractive," soliciting feedback for publication in the journal, and a series of Kairos Meet The Author and Roundtable Discussion MOO sessions.

Also joining the Kairos team in the position of Chief Copy Editor is Sandye Thompson of Texas Woman's University. Thompson has spent the last year as a member of the journal's copy team, and also coordinated the inaugural edition of "The E-List" for the Fall 1996 issue (1.3). She is completing doctoral work at TWU, and has book chapters in press regarding MOOspace and hypertext, gender and electronic communication, and the reconceptualization of "publication" in MOOspace. She will work with Assistant Editor Amelia DeLoach in coordinating a still-developing team of copy editors during Kairos production cycles.

In addition to Doherty, Keenan, Siering, and DeLoach, returnees to the Kairos Editorial Staff are Production Manager/Graphics Editor Jason Cranford Teague and Coverweb Editor Douglas Eyman.

The reconfiguration of the staff is accompanied by a similar expansion of the Editorial Board, as another wave of some of the finest scholars in computers, writing & pedagogy have agreed to offer their talents to the journal's peer review process over the next year.

A position on the Kairos Editorial Board focuses on interactive peer commentary with contributing authors of Feature, News, Review and Coverweb materials, in a non-blind review process. As the invitation to these new Board members stated, "This is a new kind of peer review, and to be blunt, we are making it up as we go along. Each member of the current Editorial Board has been encouraged to develop his or her own style of reviewing, and to make that style as author-specific as possible."

Joining Salvo -- one of the primary architects of the non-blind interactive peer review process -- as new members of the Editorial Board are nine fresh faces: John Barber, Northwestern State University of Louisiana; Kris Blair, Bowling Green State University; Michael Day, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Keith Dorwick, University of Illinois-Chicago.; Cynthia Haynes, University of Texas at Dallas; Jan Rune Holmevik, University of Bergen (Norway); Beth Kolko, University of Texas at Arlington; Pam Takayoshi, University of Louisville; and Todd Taylor, University of North Carolina.

Returning for a second year on the Board are Joel English, Ball State University; Dene Grigar, Texas Woman's University; Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Purdue University; Judith Kirkpatrick, Kapi'olani Community College; Susan Lang, Southern Illinois University; Ted Nellen, Murry Bergtrum High School of New York; Anthony Rue, University of Florida; Cindy Wambeam, New Mexico State University.

Three-year members of are Carbone; Eric Crump, NCTE; Jeff Galin, Cal State San Bernardino; Bill Hart-Davidson, Purdue University; Lee Honeycutt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Steve Krause, Southern Oregon State College; and Dickie Selfe, Michigan Tech University. Becky Rickly of the University of Michigan returns for a second year with the Kairos board after a one-year sabbatical. Additionally, Kairos veteran staff members Doherty, Siering, Keenan, and Eyman, who have acted as defacto editorial board reviewers in many situations, will be formally added to the list.

Completing their tenure with the Kairos board are Wayne Butler of the Daedalus Group; Dean Fontenot of Texas Tech University; and Terry Harpold of Georgia Tech University. The total of these changes brings the number of "Karoi" on the Editorial Board to 27.

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