Passing Theory in Action
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Thomas Kent is the department chair in English at Iowa State University. The following is a link to his faculty web page at ISU:

George Landow is currently a member of the faculty at Brown University and has a website on their server.

It took me a minute to locate Theodor Nelson's homepage which is running from a Japanese server. Why is Ted Nelson in Japan? This site has the answer. If you encounter difficulty logging on, you might wait a bit and try again.

Jay Bolter is a faculty member at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The address for his web page is:

The PBS Website, in my opinion, is very well done. Just like the television station, this site has quality programming and something for everyone. Their Internet Timeline gives an overview of the development of the web and has some fun Java applications as well.

The Atlantic Monthly has an archived version of Vannevar Bush's 1945 article.

Victor Vitanza has a companion site for his text CyberReader which I have drawn from a couple of places.

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