The Future of the Book

Geoffrey Nunberg, ed.
With an Afterword by Umberto Eco
University of California Press, 1996
306 pages, with references
Cloth: US$45.00, ISBN 0-520-20450-6
Paper: US$14.95, ISBN 0-520-20451-4

The title links below lead to select excerpts from individual chapters of The Future of the Book and are provided for purposes of review. Author names are linked to individual home pages or web sites of interest.

Patrizia Violi Preface 7
Geoffrey Nunberg Introduction 9
Carla Hesse Books in Time 21
James J. O'Donnell The Pragmatics of the New: Trithemius, McLuhan, Cassiodorus 37
Paul Duguid Material Matters: The Past and Futurology of the Book 63
Geoffrey Nunberg Farewell to the Information Age 103
Régis Debray The Book as Symbolic Object 139
Patrick Bazin Toward Metareading 153
Luca Toschi Hypertext and Authorship 169
George P. Landow Twenty Minutes into the Future, or How Are We Moving Beyond the Book? 209
Raffaele Simone The Body of the Text 239
Jay David Bolter Ekphrasis, Virtual Reality, and the Future of Writing 253
Michael Joyce (Re)placing the Author: "A Book in the Ruins" 273
Umberto Eco Afterword 295

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