NCTE 96 Conference Reflections

Assembly for Computers in English

At the NCTE session where we were divided into groups with place names (not the one with the tables), we were asked about our concerns in getting students to learn computers. One of the ACE panelists asked if we were concerned about keyboarding. I guess I didn't get my two cents in then, but I am concerned about the lack of psychomotor skills that many of our students come without. I have this nutty idea that the moment students are put at a keyboard they should be taught to touch type. There is no reason this can't be done since they learn it so quickly at a younger age. We have these crusty old teachers around who still hunt and peck and aren't ever going to touch type.

So put me down as VERY CONCERNED about touch typing being taught in the early grades along with other computer skills and behaviors.

Rogge Krahn Day Hurwitz

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