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Epiphany Institute: Interesting Thought #6

Teaching in a networked classroom is like the story of the time when all the small animals and large animals had a football game. As you might expect, at half-time the score was 42 to 0 in favor of the large animals. So the rabbit, who was captain of the small animals, was starting to get pretty panicky. But when the second half opened and the large animals were on the offense and they handed the ball off to the hypo, the millipede raced in and tackled him. Next play, the ball was handed to the rhinoceros and the millipede raced through again and tackled him for a loss. Then the rabbit called a huddle and said to the millipede, "My God! Where the hell were you the first half?" And the millipede said, "Putting on my sneakers." That's a very thinly veiled metaphor for the networked classroom. Sometimes is takes a little while to get it running, but once it gets running it kicks ass!
-- Trent Batson

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