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[Being in information space], the in-divisible universe, or in another sense, in-di-visible universe. What do we find there? We find that the image is intruding itself once again into the way that we communicate with one another. We talk about these things as spatial, we talk about "navigating a net," Netscape Navigator. And do you know that their next version is called? Communicator! Now that's what we've always done ... We talk about going to sites, we talk about navigating the network, we talk about information spaces ... but it's not a space that we can physically inhabit -- for one thing, it's kind of flat ... it's never around us, only in front of us, more like the windshield of your car than like a room. There are things that are going on out there that are changing all of that, ways of representing space in a sphere in which you are at the center, attempts to show us where we really live in flatland. But these technologies are stationary, the space moves around you ... can't go outside it -- one point of view at any given moment. But textual spaces have never been like that. Where do you go in texts? You wander miles away, it's not geometric, it's not rational. As opposed to visual space, textual spaces are places in which we we envision.
-- Nancy Kaplan

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