Language Learning & Technology

We are happy to announce _Language Learning & Technology_ (LLT), a new academic refereed journal which will be published on the World Wide Web beginning summer 1997. The journal is sponsored by six professional organizations and language resource centers in the United States and Europe, and is supported by an editorial board of 30 scholars in the fields of second language acquisition, applied linguistics, and computer-assisted language learning.

We invite submissions on any topic examining how language learning is affected by the use of technology. Submissions should report on original research or make connections between research, theory, and teaching practice. Reviews of books, software, and other technological resources are also invited. While we welcome strictly text-based manuscripts, we are also inviting manuscripts which are enhanced by graphics or multimedia or which include hypermedia links to further illustrative material.

More details, including a listing of the sponsoring organizations and editorial board, complete information for contributors, and free subscription information, is available at Language Learning & Technology.

Mark Warschauer, Editor,