Iconomania: studies in visual culture

Call for Submissions

Iconomania is a refereed electronic journal that brings together outstanding scholarly works addressing a range of methodological and cultural interests. Located in the Department of Art History at the University of California, Los Angeles (USA), we are graduate students concerned with the role of the visual, broadly defined to include the pictorial, sculptural, spatial, architectural, corporal, filmic, performative, and so forth in any culture, historical moment, geographic location, and milieu. Approaching the visual as a cultural signifying system that shapes class, gender, racial, and sexual subjectivities as it circulates, we aim to both engage and expand the traditional objects of study in a wide array of disciplines. We seek theoretically informed and historically grounded submissions of significant scholarly interest -- though accessible to "web-surfing" non-academics -- from graduate students, independent scholars and established academics. Finally, the journal supports projects exploring the prospects, conditions and constraints for culture, identity and experience in our publishing medium, the World Wide Web.

We are currently accepting for consideration papers, multi-media projects, original digital art, and reviews of books, CD-ROMs and Web sites for the volume to be published throughout the current academic year. The deadline for the first installment of the cumulative volume is February 10, 1997 (but we accept manu/digi-scripts continually). Submissions should be roughly 3000 words (plus notes conforming to the Chicago Manual of Style) and, where possible, submitted in a digital media (see our Web site).

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