The _International Review of Modernism_ is a new review-journal that will publish short articles, reviews, and extended review-essays on new scholarly and critical books on European modernist literature and culture situated in historical and national contexts. The coverage will be broad both temporally (from decadence and fin-de-siecle to the start of the second World War) and spatially (from Great Britain to Russia). We are interested in all of the many contending movements in literature and the other arts (post-impressionism, decadence, favism, cubism, imagism, vorticism, futurism, dadaism, surrealism, expressionism, etc.).

The journal will review at least fifty books per issue, and the journal will appear two times a year, February and October (first issue, Oct., 1997). We would like to hear from qualified reviewers, especially from those who have suggestions for topics for review-essays and short articles. Send a short list of publications, together with letters indicating areas, topics, authors, or languages of particular interest to you.

All correspondence and questions about submissions and subscriptions should be sent to

Leonard Orr, Editor,
_International Review of Modernism_,
Dept. of English,
Washington State University,
100 Sprout Rd.,
Richland WA 99352.
Questions may be sent by e-mail to (