A New Journal in Comparative Literature

_Intertexts_ publishes articles that employ innovative approaches to explore relations between literary and other texts, be they literary, historical, theoretical, philosophical, or social. Hybrid methodologies that combine elements from a range of disciplines will be featured. Methodological reflections and argumentation are valued, especially when combined with detailed textual analysis. Comparative works from all historical periods are encouraged. Individuals interested in the use of theoretical perspectives to analyze texts other than those to which they are generally applied will find the articles appearing in _Intertexts_ not only provide new understandings of familiar texts but also use those texts to examine the virtues and limitations of contemporary literary theory. One theme issue and one open issue are published annually.

The inaugural issue will be devoted to Latin American women writers. The topics range from seventeenth-century Baroque poetry to the contemporary novels of South American women writers and Latinas writing in the United States.

The second issue assesses the first voyage of Columbus to the Indies as an ideological battleground on which diverse cultural values and narratives of history compete for attention.

Premier Journal Issue Due: April, 1997.

Edited by David H. J. Larmour and Paul Allen Miller

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