SHAKESPEARE AND JAPAN. Vol. IX (1998) of the Shakespeare Yearbook, ed. by Holger Klein for the Mellen Press, deals with the Reception of Shakespeare in Japan. The volume is being co-edited by Peter Milward, Tetsuo Anzai, and Soji Iwasaki in Tokyo.

In principle, any aspect of reception is interesting, notably translations, adaptations, imitations, parodies/travesties, all forms of intertextual use in the receptor country's literature, theatre productions, production reviews, trends of criticism, films and videos and their reviews, the role of Shakespeare in public life - school, university curricula, journalism, advertising, etc.

Contributions may be between 15 and 25 pages, double-spaced including notes. A specific style sheet is available, otherwise use the MLA Style Sheet. Any offers please to Holger Klein. The deadline for submission is September 1997.