Conference: Cross-Cultural Poetics

Dates: October 16-19, 1997

Despite artificial disciplinary barriers, ethnographers & poets have in recent years come to realize how similar their projects are. Cross-Cultural Poetics seeks to address the increasingly untenable boundaries between poetic & ethnographic practices. The conference will focus on the role of poetry in the on-going discourses of multiculturalism, ethnography, and literary theory and practice. While recent years have seen a debate in "how culture is written (about)" and most of these debates make extensive use of the term "poetics," poetic discourse itself has not been foregrounded as a significant measure and critique-mechanism in the matrix of cultural writings. Construing the term "poetry" fairly broadly, we invite poets and scholars working in a broad range of fields -- anthropology, urban studies, ethnic studies, folklore, literature and literary theory, sociology, history, publishing, film, American studies, performance studies, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, etc. -- to propose readings, papers or panels that address one or more of the following areas:

PAPERS, WRITING SAMPLES (FOR POETS WANTING TO READ) AND PANEL PROPOSALS (a 1-2-page abstract) should be sent by March 15, 1997 to Maria Damon, English Dept., 207 Lind Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN 55455.