Embedded Visuals:Student Design in Web Spaces
Tonya Browning
The University of Texas at Austin


Visual ambiguity, like verbal ambiguity, obscures not only compositional intent, but also meaning . . .
Donis Dondis

This web site is intended as an example of teaching and assessing aspects of design in college composition courses. The site addresses how to: integrate design in a curriculum, offer students guidelines for design and evaluate their projects. The student examples page illustrates these points with actual student web sites from my classes in the Computer Writing and Research Labs at the University of Texas at Austin. This is not a theory-laden analysis of design, but rather a practical guideline regarding considerations of design for web-based student compositions.

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Tonya Browning is a doctoral candidate with a concentration in Computers and English Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She is an Assistant Director of the Computer Writing and Research Labs there, and is currently teaching a computer-assisted English Literature course. Her dissertation, The Virtual Palimpsest: The Importance of Design for English Studies examines issues of interface and design in detail.

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