Collaborative Spaces and Education

We want to introduce some of the ways that we have used both the Web and virtual environments when we teach computer-assisted classes. Our focus here is mainly on dialogue and whole class or group activities. We take four main approaches, though you'll find some overlap and interconnection.

TeachingThis project speaks to pedagogy and technology by framing student work with discussion of our teaching goals, assignments and projects.

Theory We also try to articulate some of the theory that informs our teaching and that proves relevant to our work.

The WebWe use the Web to implement dialogic and collaborative learning.

MU*s We also treat a number of assignments and discuss student interactions in MU* environments.

Finally, we've designed this text to be an interactive exploration; throughout the project you'll find discussion forums and addlink opportunities. We'd like this project to not only talk about, but also facilitate conversation and collaboration.

Works and Links Cited

Daniel Anderson
Joi Lynne Chevalier