Collaborative Spaces and Education
Conversations and Collaborations

We want to make this project a "constructive" web site. Throughout the site and from this page you will find opportunities to post messages or add links to the project.

There are a number of discussion forums that you can participate in.
The first forum is devoted to discussing teaching goals. The second forum is geared toward discussing theory . We're also interested in discussing this project.
The fourth forum is devoted to discussing student work on the web. The fifth forum is devoted to discussing the Web. The sixth forum is for discussing MU*s.
There is also a forum devoted to discussing whether the Web is a "constructive" hypertext

We also have three major pages that you can add links to.
The first page is devoted to resources for MU* pedagogy. The second page is for sharing links about Web pedagogy. The third page is devoted to sharing class and student sites with others on the web.

Opening Teaching Theory The Web MU*S Conversation

Daniel Anderson
Joi Lynne Chevalier