Fanning the Flames:
Tenure and Promotion and Other Role-Playing Games

Janice R. Walker

University of South Florida

Lost? Good. Part of what I hope for is that my readers will come away with questions about how hypertext and papertexts translate, the awkwardness of using textual features (such as notes) in hypertextual "documents," questions about the effectiveness, or frustration, of "getting lost."

Cindy Wambeam, in reviewing this hypertext for Kairos noted that the buttons pointing in different directions are meaningless in hypertexts. This is precisely my point in using them. As you may have discovered, there is no logic whatsoever to where the buttons will take you and, often, the <-- and> buttons lead to works entirely outside the text itself. And the "Back" button is "not connected yet."

However, at the request of the Kairos editors, I offer the reader a choice. On the bottom of each "page" I have included a "chicken" button. If you are having trouble navigating, and in order to ensure that you have found all the links that make up this hypertext, this button will take you to a traditional hypertext table of contents. I hope, however, that you will use it only as a last resort.


J. Walker, 1997.
Last modified 21 February 1997.