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Faculty submitting Promotion and Tenure materials should follow the outline given below (LAS Guidelines).

  1. Title Page

  2. Table of Contents

  3. Application Information

    1. Nominee's Name

    2. Type of Action (check one):

      ____a. Advancement in Rank (check one)

      ____ Professor

      ____ Associate Professor

      ____ Assistant Professor

      ____b. Tenure Present Rank _____ Date of Rank _____

        Previous_____ Date of Ranks_____



  4. Nominating Letter(s)

  5. Current Vita (Resume)

  6. Information Related to Teaching

    1. Background

      1. Critical Self-Evaluation: Teaching Philosophy and Specific Teaching Objectives

      2. Teaching Responsibilities: Credit and Non-Credit Courses

    2. Teaching Evaluations (Official course evaluations must be included. Other evaluations may include one or more of the following and possibly also additional items)

      1. Summations of evaluations that were not given to current classes [e.g., evaluations given to all alumni who took class, or just majors after graduation, or some other group of present students or alumni (include copies of the forms used and state to whom they were directed)]

      2. List of and copies of prepared (published or unpublished) teaching materials

      3. List of activities furthering teaching (e.g., short courses, Chautauquas, and field courses)

      4. Letters (solicited or unsolicited) from current or past students (specify group) evaluating teaching

      5. Peer reviews by faculty and/or chair

      6. Awards, special recognition or other indications of teaching competence

  7. Information Related to Research, Creative Activity, and Professional Development

    1. Background

      1. Past research/creativity interests and activities

      2. Present research/creativity interests and activities

      3. Future research/creativity interests and activities

    2. Desirable Research Materials (the applicant should include at least some of the following items, and possibly also some not mentioned)

      1. List of publications or software

      2. Copies or photocopies of publications or software

      3. Lists of grant proposals, copies of the proposals, and their status

      4. Lists of scholarly talks and poetry/prose readings

      5. Lists of other activities (e.g. research, other creative activities, short courses, field courses, Chautauquas, reviewing, serving as delegate, official, or editor for a scholarly group)

      6. Internal or external reviews or letters regarding research, creative activity or professional development

      7. Awards, special recognition, or other indications

  8. Information Related to Service

    1. Committees (give names, function, applicant's level of involvement, and dates of service)

      1. University

      2. College

      3. Department or institute

      4. Interdepartmental

    2. University administrative duties [give duty(duties), applicant's level of involvement, and date(s) of duty(duties)]

      1. University

      2. College

      3. Department or institute

      4. Interdepartmental

    3. . List and explain any other university service

    4. List of service talks

    5. List and explain service to local, national, and international community

    6. Awards, special recognition, or other indications of significant service

  9. General letters of support

  10. Copy of the Approved Departmental Document on Tenure and Promotion Guidelines




Adopted April, 1993

These procedures are intended as amplification of Section VI ORGANIZATION AND CONTENTS OF PROMOTION AND TENURE MATERIALS, pp. 10-11, of the Department Tenure, Promotion, and Renewal Guidelines. By following the specific guidelines listed in Section VI and amplified below, faculty members who wish to be considered for tenure or promotion should be able to develop the best case possible.

It is the Chair's responsibility to set the date on which all material for tenure or promotion must be delivered to the Department Tenure and Promotion Committee for consideration by the relevant subcommittee.

It is the faculty member's responsibility to let the Chair know at least six weeks in advance of the announced date for consideration for tenure or promotion. It is also the faculty member's responsibility to present the best and most succinct case possible.

1. Concerning the formal letter of application:

Provide a self-analysis of why you believe you should be granted tenure or promoted, following the format of the University/College Department criteria: (1) teaching effectiveness, (2) scholarly and creative production, (3) service. The analysis should explain points in your resume, particularly on those matters that have relevance to why you should now be granted tenure or promoted to associate professor or professor in the Department of English.

2. Concerning letter(s) of nomination:

These letters should address the three criteria for promotion, as stated above, and make specific references to the candidate's resume.

3. Concerning the resume:

It should be in a professional format and date back to the start of your professional career.

4. Concerning documentation of your teaching effectiveness scholarship, and service (from students, alumni, and internal and external colleagues, etc.):

These recommendations should be solicited by the Chair from those you believe may best speak for you. According to the Department's need for information, additional evaluations may be sought with your consent.

5. Concerning historical evidence of teaching effectiveness, research/creative production, and service:

Provide as much historical evaluative evidence as you feel is necessary for the various committees to understand the quality of your teaching, research/creative production, and service.

Include examples of those publications which you believe most effectively represent your work. Remember that some of this material will be sent forward. You do not want to offer an unwieldy package or otherwise obscure the principal case that you are making.

6. Package your materials in a folder or file or notebook so that they are manageable--clearly labeled, coherently organized, and readable. Remember that if the appropriate department professorial committee votes to send you forward for tenure or promotion, your case will be reviewed by at least two committees that have as their majority members who are unfamiliar with the discipline of English.

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