If you have gotten this far, then you have probably already figured out the remote, at least a little bit. The remote control forms the basis for navigation to the various parts of Kairos using the "TOC" menu. In addition this remote provides a platform from which you can search the web, define words, and send Kairos feed back. Finally, The remote can also be used to display information about the journal.

The TOC menu works with the main Kairos window to display the various sections of the Table of contents. To use this feature, simply click on the pop-up menu, select the section of the TOC you wish to view and let go (Mac) or click (PC/UNIX). That section of the TOC will then be displayed in the main frame (the largest one) in the main window. Be carful, though, this will replace whatever you were reading in that frame.

The tools menu provides many useful features for helping you direct your studies and use of this journal. These tools include:

The INFO menu provides links to information about Kairos these links are displayed within the remote except for "Kairos home" which opens a new window. These links include: