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The Google doc gave the students in the class a location to compose, edit, and discuss their ideas for questions to ask for the documentary video. While not all of the questions were used, as students chose to ask ones they were particularly curious about, all of the options are represented here. The Google doc text is included below and can also be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/158XnYG4uooATD2iK-EsF0A9-w7VYimFWJWZM8LJWKYs/edit


Possible Interview Questions for Film Project

Let’s add some ideas and some questions for the Film Project here. Drafts and incomplete questions are OK—feel free to play around with existing questions, develop alternate questions, or suggest alternate phrases or words. Please put your name in parentheses when you add material, though.

Does your smartphone help you to say “I love you”? (Ehren) If so, how do you say it? Do you mean it as much as when you say it in person? Has your smartphone ever caused a problem in a personal relationship? How did that happen? (Sarah)

Where is your phone right now? Do you always know where it is? Have you ever thought you felt it ringing/vibrating/saw it ringing, BUT IT WASN’T? (Scott)

When was the last time you answered the phone and it wasn’t for you? (Ehren) When was the last time you used your phone to make a call?

Why do/don’t you have a smartphone? (Gail)

How have you seen students use their phones to cheat in class? (Ehren)

Does your smartphone make you more or less aware of your social class? How? (Sarah)

Do you think smartphones make lying easier? (Sarah) If so, does lying on the smartphone remove guilt?

Does your smartphone give you more or less control over your social life—how? (Sarah) How does it give other people more or less control over you, or no difference?

Do you use your smartphone to read for class? How? Have you ever completed a homework assignment on your phone? How? (suggested by Lisa Ede)

When you forget your phone at home, how does that make you feel? (Kristin)

When you’re on your smartphone do you ever forget where you are? Have you ever run into anything while texting? (Ehren)

Who is the oldest person/youngest person you’ve ever texted? (Ehren)

What does your smartphone help you remember? What does your smartphone “help” you forget? (Sarah)

How much time do you spend talking to your phone? Not in your phone to other people, but to your actual phone. (Chad)

How does your phone help you express your sexuality? (Chad … through Lorene, my wife)

What all do you do on your phone? Photography? News? Texting? Pay bills? (It might be interesting to leave off “talking to other people“ and see if anyone actually lists that.) (Chad)

What is your most used application on your smartphone? (Chad)

Is there an app you think you should use more, but don’t? (Gail)

Do you ever feel guilty about using your phone? How? What apps do you feel guilty about using? (Ehren)

Can you tell me a time when you felt lonely using your smartphone? Do you wish you had more face to face contact with people? Does your phone cause you to feel isolated? Why/Why not? (Don)

Have you ever texted something personal—birthday wishes, happy mother’s day, get well, etc? (Scott)

Do you consider it rude to use your phone in a public place, or with company? Is this different if you’re actually making a phone call? Why/Why not? (Don)

Do you use your phone primarily for entertainment, socializing, school, or work? Do you consider your phone a tool, an extension of yourself, or something in between? Are you a cyborg? (Don)

What do you read on your phone? Have you ever used your phone to read poetry, or other literature? Do you read for class on your phone? (Brendan)

Text messages aside, when was the last time you talked with someone on your phone? (Brendan)

In what ways does, or can, your phone link you to reality? In what ways does, or can, it separate you from it? (Brendan)

If you’ve used your phone in class, what did you use it for? When was the last time you used your phone while in class? What was going on that allowed you to use your phone? Did you lose track of what was happening? (Jess)

When was the last time you were watching television and Twitter was mentioned? (Jess)

When was the last time you were invited to something via Facebook? Via an invitation in the mail? (Jess)

If you’ve ever lost or had your smartphone stolen, what was that like? If you’ve ever left your phone at home, what was that like? (Gail)

Can you tell me about the last time you voluntarily spent an entire day (or more) away from your smartphone? When was the last time you involuntarily spent an entire day away from your smartphone? (Gail)

At what times do you find your smartphone helpful? At what times do you find it unhelpful? (Gail)

How did you acquire the phone you have? Who purchased the smartphone you’re using? Who pays the bill? If these circumstances were different [if someone else paid the bill for the user instead of the user, and vice versa], how would this change the way you’d use your smartphone? (Gail)

Has your smartphone made you any smarter? (Corey)

Do you still hold your phone to your ear, even though the instructions tell you not to? Why or why not? (Corey)

Are you still using your computer for the same things that you can now do on a smartphone? Since you’ve gotten your smartphone has your computer use increased or decreased? Why (Corey)